Back to Basics House Plans

Right now is the time to look at having a home built for yourself and your family. Housing prices are rising throughout the country, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have the home of your dreams. You simply need to work directly with a homebuilder that understands your needs and can work with your budget. That is what we do at Madison Homebuilders.

This series features our most efficient designs for the most cost-effective prices. To maximize affordability, these plans may not be modified and upgrade selections are limited.

Getting Back to the Basics

Modular homes are suddenly back in style as people begin to think about what kind of future they would like. Some people consider these homes simple, but that is a big part of their appeal at this time. The simpler the home, the fewer construction materials it may require. This reduces costs and makes it possible for more people to get into North Carolina homes.

While it is true that a modular home may seem like a basic construction job, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a beautiful home that you enjoy. These days, many people are more concerned about where their home is located instead of precisely how it looks. With a modular home, you know exactly what you are getting so there are no surprises, and everything is set up just the way that you want it.

We would love to hear about all of your design preferences and how we can help deliver those to you in exactly the way you need them. Contact our team today so we can begin to go over some options with you.