• Marion Front Exterior
  • Marion Rear Exterior
  • Marion Front Exterior
  • Marion Rear Exterior
  • Marion Exterior Coates
  • Marion Rear Exterior - Coates
  • Marion Kitchen -Price
  • Marion Price Kitchen
  • Marion Family Room - Shealy
  • Marion kitchen - shealy
  • Marion FP in Kitchen - shealy
  • Marion Barron
  • Marion Barron kitchen
  • Marion Coates
  • Marion Coates kitchen
  • Marion Kids Bath
  • Marion Master Bath
  • Marion Master Shower
  • Marion Master Closet
  • Marion Stairs to Bonus Room
  • Marion Bonus Room Finished
  • Marion Laundry
Many of these photographs and illustrations include customized options chosen by our customers that are not included in the base price of the home. Please contact us to discuss the pricing details of each model.


Starting at $319,200
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1+ Floors
1,826 Square Feet