Financing Your New Home Build

In planning your new home construction, it is important to both understand and factor in the financial offers presented by your home builder. Madison Homebuilders offers a number of financial benefits and perks to help you better afford your dream home.

Our Financial Benefits include:

  • No Down Payment Required: Except for the $500 application fee, we don’t ask to be paid until the job is finished.
  • No Construction Loan Required: We build your home on the strength of our company, which means you save thousands in construction loan interest.
  • We Pay Up to $5,000 Towards Your Closing Costs: Every Madison customer receives up to a $5,000 Builder’s Credit to be applied towards the customary closing costs on your mortgage loan. We even pay for the appraisal required to secure your mortgage loan financing.
  • Cash Contracts: All cash contracts receive 2% off the base price. On higher priced homes, you may be required to close up front for secure financing, but Madison Homebuilders charges no construction loan interest - we build all homes on the financial strength of our company.

Instant Savings on Your New Home

The chart below translates those benefits noted above into the savings you can expect when you build your home with Madison Homebuilders.

Save Thousands When You Build With Madison Homebuilders!

Since our founding in 1997, we’ve saved our customers over $5 million in closing cost fees and at least twice that amount in construction loan interest and fees. On a $250,000 home, that equates to an average savings of over $16,000 when compared to other home builders. Too good to be true? Simply ask our over 1,500 Madison Homebuilders customers.

Explore, in more detail, all of the perks of building your new home with Madison Homebuilders.

Working with Mortgage Lenders

Madison Homebuilders works with a number of nationally known mortgage lenders and Homes for Heroes lenders who know us well. We can introduce them to you or we can work with your lender if you prefer. Try out our mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly mortgage payment.

Mortgage Calculator

For estimating purposes only. Actual monthly payments might include escrows for taxes and insurance.

Contact Us About Home Financing

When you meet with one of our Madison Homebuilders Building Consultants, we will further explain how each of these financing aspects work into our home building process. Contact us today with any questions you may have about financing your new home build.