What is a standard home feature? 

Standard features are the features and house specifications that are already included in the base price of every home plan. 

Have you given some thought to the home amenities and features you would like to have in a new home? Of course you’ve probably thought about the fun details such as appliances and the number of bedrooms and baths you’d like to have, but what about the smaller or foundational items? It can be easy to forget about home amenities such as outdoor space, essential home requirements like the home’s foundation, or items as small but as important as deadbolt locks on exterior facing doors. 

Luckily, that is the benefit of working with a professional homebuilder. Many homebuilders offer standard features that include some of those overlooked house details. Madison Homebuilders has thought about those home necessities for you so you don’t have to. To get a quick idea of some home features to consider while you’re thinking of what you want for your new home, check out our home building checklist


What features come standard with a Madison Homebuilders custom home build?  

When you build a new home on your lot in North or South Carolina, Madison Homebuilders has laid out the details of the house features that come standard with any of our home models. We’ve included the details of everything from the foundation specifications, electrical wiring, plumbing, heat & air (HVAC), and insulation to the flooring, wall, and roofing systems of your new home. Additionally, features such as granite countertops,  stainless steel appliances, and a light fixture package with a variety of styles and finishes are all included in Madison Homebuilders standard features. Each home built by us at Madison Homebuilders includes a 10 year home buyers warranty too. See our list of standard features for further details of the home features included in the base price of each of our home plans.


What if the features I want in my new home are not included in the standard features? 

Never fear, many homebuilders have custom features that you can choose from to make your new home a perfect fit for you and your family. When you build with Madison Homebuilders, we offer numerous custom home features you can choose from to insure the final result is the dream home you’ve always wanted. 


What types of custom home features are available? 

At Madison Homebuilders, we offer many home upgrades you can choose from. If you have an idea in mind, contact us, we have most likely added the feature you have in mind to one of our previous home builds. To give you an idea of some of our custom home features, below are some of our most popular custom home upgrades that you may want to think about for your new home. 


10 Popular Custom Home Features with Madison Homebuilders

1.) Flooring: You have the option to upgrade from our standard flooring including upgrading from carpet and from vinyl (in kitchen and baths) to LVP or LVT flooring and engineered hardwood floors. 

2.) Farm and Apron Front Sinks and the addition of kitchen backsplashes 

3.) Siding: Have the option to upgrade to Hardie board siding, a full or partial brick veneer, or to incorporate stone into the exterior with any of our siding items.

4.) Cabinets: You have the option to upgrade to painted or stained cabinets with soft close drawers.

5.) Columns: You have the option to upgrade columns to Craftsman-style columns with either a brick or stone base. 

6.) Front porch: You have the option to upgrade from pressure treated wood to brick and concrete, adding screened in porches or large decks is also an option.

7.) Garages: If the home plan you love doesn’t have a garage, add a garage so it works for your family. 

8.) Interior and exterior door upgrades: You have the option to upgrade from standard 6 panel doors to various other door options. Learn more about how to choose your front door

9.) Bathroom Floors: You have the option to upgrade to ceramic tiled bathroom floors and showers. 

10.) Countertops: You can choose to upgrade your countertops from granite to quartz.

These 10 custom home features are simply some of our more popular upgrade choices but there are many other custom features or home upgrades for you to choose from at Madison Homebuilders, contact us with any questions you may have. Your dream home is attainable with us at Madison Homebuilders as you save money along the way, there is no downpayment on your new home build and we pay your standard closing costs. We also don’t require a construction loan which saves you money on construction loan interest. All of these perks leave more money in your pocket to invest in the upgrades that give you a home that best fits your wants and needs as a family. 

We’re your on-your-lot, custom home builder in North Carolina and South Carolina and we pride ourselves in building an affordable quality home for our customers. We build your way, on your lot. While you’re here, take a look at our standard home features, check out our home floor plans to see which ones are best for your lifestyle, or download our home plan book for a resource of our home options. 

Have a question about a feature you don’t see listed or want to know if an idea you have is possible? Feel free to contact us with any questions, we’re happy to help.