You’ve secured your plot of land and now it’s time to construct your home. There are many aspects that go into this, but the first thing that often comes to mind is the first thing you’ll encounter when you return home each day, and that is the front door.

Have you given a lot of thought as to what kind of front door you want? There’s actually a lot to consider when custom home builders are assembling your house and a welcoming front door should be a top priority.

What to Consider With Custom Home Builders Before Choosing Your Front DoorHave you thought about what you want your front door to say about you? It’s all about a positive first impression, so you will want a door that conveys a congenial, inviting sentiment. But what goes into that? Here are some aspects to mull over when you and your family are choosing your front door.

A first consideration is color. Obviously you want something to complement the exterior shade you chose for your home and there are a myriad of options to lean to. Maybe you want something neutral or have you been dreaming about that big, bold red door that welcomes you home each night. Whatever you’d prefer, reputable custom home builders will help guide you in the right direction.

Do you know that blue is widely known to be the most popular front door color. Blue, for instance, often gives the impression that the homeowner views the space “as a place of refuge,” and as a place that’s calm, serene and relaxing; the perfect escape from everyday distractions, which is exactly what a home should be.

The next element is size. Doors come in a number of lengths and widths, and since you’re having your home custom built, the space can match the door you choose. Sometimes an extra wide door is just the way to go. In another instance, a tall door that opens into a spacious entryway might provide your ideal first impressions. Consider all possibilities before coming to a final decision.

Do you have a particular material in mind? Different options provide you with different benefits. For example, wood can give your home a classic and elegant appearance and there are a lot of styles you can use to truly make it your own.

On the flip side, wood tends to be more expensive, so for those on a tight budget, it may not be the best option. Instead, fiberglass and steel can be great alternative because they have the same components, but the cost is often more affordable.

Fiberglass and steel also provide durability and energy efficiency, which is key for restricting energy consumption. This will be a nice advantage when you want to blast the air conditioning at the height of summer.

Another factor to consider is climate, which is also related to material. You’ll want a front door that keeps your home cool during those hot, humid summers and warm during the occasional frost-filled mornings. Different materials and added glass panes provide varying levels of comfort, but no matter which direction you choose, ensure a tight seal is maintained to avoid costly drafts.

Did you know that having a properly sealed front door can actually save you money on an expensive energy bill? It seems obvious, but sometimes we forget. If your front door is sealed, you’ll find it easier to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

The next aspect to consider when looking for a new front door, and arguably most important, is security. There are multiple layers that go into making sure your front door is a secure one. In this day in age, you can never be too safe, especially when it concerns your loved ones. Things to consider with this are door thickness, lock options (including the potential ability to lock and unlock from your mobile phone), and maybe even a keyless entry.

In fact, the keyless entry is a favorite option as you never have to worry that someone is locked out or where to hide a spare key. All you have to do is ensure that the people who are coming and going each day from your home know your code, similar to a security alarm or garage door opener. The convenience is undeniable!

Lastly, remember the details. Add glass panes to let natural light in on sunny days or choose a door knocker that makes you smile or complements your brand new door handle. Think about the trim and how that will influence the look of your home and choose a doorbell that you can hear while also providing a chime you’ll still enjoy visitor after visitor. And don’t forget about the holidays. If you want to add a festive wreath, ensure you can add a hook onto your brand new door without leaving a mark you’ll have to see the rest of the year.

When considering what kind of door to go with, make sure it’s secure, then you can get into the particulars of how it looks. Whether you prefer a size, color, or material, custom home builders should have no problem helping you find the front door that turns your dream into a reality. Soon, you’ll have a beautiful symbol for everyone to see as they walk up to your home and more important, will put a smile on your face each day you return.