You may be thinking, what’s the perfect home plan for me and my family? While looking for a home floor plan for building a new home, it is important to consider the way you live now and your future life plans to decide on a house plan that can accommodate you, your family, and your lifestyle best through various stages of life. It’s easy to get carried away with home ideas from magazines and websites, but if you take a step back and go through the following steps it may help you make an informed choice on the best home plan for you. The steps below can help guide you to finding the best home layout for you and your family.

Steps for Picking the Right Floor Plan for Your New Home

Examine Your Lifestyle and How You Live in Your Home

Think about what features work in your current residence and what features get in the way or cause issues. Maybe the way your current residence is divided doesn’t flow for your family or a lack of storage causes clutter around the house which you dislike. Sit down with your family members and discuss what each member likes or dislikes about your current home or residence and features they would like in a new home.

Create a Pros and Cons List of Your Current Home or Residence

Now that you’ve given some thought to which features do not work for you or your family members in your current residence, write them down. Write down the positive features you like about your current residence and the features you don’t care for or that do not work well for your living situation. If something doesn’t work or isn’t used now, odds are it will be the same way in a new home. Potentially, think further back than your current residence too, maybe there were features in a previous residence that you miss and want again or disliked and want to make sure you don’t have in a new home, note all of these items in your list.

Think of Your Lifestyle Now and Your Plans for the Future

Consider how your family lives now and what you want in the future so you can pick a home floor plan that fits your growing needs. Maybe you would like an extra room for guests, an office or future child’s bedroom. Maybe you want a second floor to create division between living areas and bedrooms or a garage for storage or a workspace. What about a bonus room for those teenagers or a reading nook? Consider how your family lives in your home and how your family will fill up the space in the future. Are there lifestyle factors you need to consider that your current living situation does not accommodate?

Think Outside The Box to Other Homes and House Features

Try not to get to caught up or set on features you may see online or in magazines because there so many out there it can cause more confusion than clarity. However, browsing through home magazines, online home floor plans and home designs can help you get ideas of home layouts and provide some home design inspiration. Check out our Madison Homebuilders home floor plans to get more ideas. Think about homes you have seen or visited and what aspects of those homes you liked or didn’t like. Now think about these different features in relation to the previous steps; how your family lives and your needs in the future, would those features work for your family’s lifestyle? It can be tempting to want to change things based on home trends and designs you’ve seen, but it is important to think about how those features would work for you and your specific lifestyle and family needs.

Consider Your Land

If you have purchased land for your new home, consider the layout of that land. Think about where the sun is in the morning and in the afternoon and if there are any aspects of the landscape you want to include in your home plans such as maintaining a tree that provides shade or having a sunny eating area in the morning. These land considerations can impact the way your new home is designed, features you want to include, and how your home sits on your land. Consider the size and use of the space and a realistic size of the house for your needs and budget.

Make a List of Home Features

By now you have thought about how you and others you live with function in your current residence and what features are preferred or disliked. You have made a list of the features of your current or past residences you’ve liked and features you disliked.  You’ve also had the chance to get some inspiration from other home layouts, home designs, and aspects of your land you want to accentuate. Now it’s time to create a list of house features for your new home. Create a list of the house features you would like to have based on your family’s current and future needs, plus dream house features. Maybe you have always wanted quartz countertops and that is a home feature you want to make sure to have. Consider the size and use of the space as well as what your family may need in the future.

Create a Budget

If you’ve purchased or been gifted your land, that can help you budget the rest of your home build. Consider building costs and your budget remainder so you can more easily stay within your means and stick to your budget for your home plan. There are unforeseen costs that can come with building a home so it’s a good idea to leave some budgetary wiggle room to allow for circumstances that may arise. It’s also a good idea to include the cost of your top dream features you’d like in your new home. Allowing yourself to be treated to some features you’ve always wanted in your living space will help you enjoy the home building experience even more knowing that your new home will include features you’ve dreamed of. If building your new home in North or South Carolina, Madison Homebuilders has included an estimated time and cost to help you budget more effectively.

Working with A Home Builder

Now that you know what you want and have a budget in place, contact your home builder to explore your options and possibilities. They can help you with questions about home plans, your land, and features you want to include. Haven’t decided on a home builder yet? Here are some tips for deciding which home builder to work with to construct your new home.

Building A New Home in North Carolina or South Carolina

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Additionally, many home features come standard with your new Madison Homebuilders home with hundreds of options to customize your new home. Best of all, you won’t need a construction loan or to make a hefty down payment. We even pay your standard closing costs. You’ll save thousands when you build with Madison Homebuilders and get just the home you want. To learn more about us, download our free home plan book. 

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