Time and money right? Those are typically the biggest concerns we have whether it’s planning a vacation or getting a car fixed. This is no different when it comes to considering the seemingly overwhelming process of building a new home. Many hear the word ‘custom’ or ‘new home’ and think that it is unattainable and will cost them an arm and a leg. That doesn’t have to be the case. Madison Homebuilders is an affordable, on your lot,  homebuilder; we take pride in providing quality homes to our customers in both North Carolina and South Carolina.  With over 1,000 homes under our belt, our qualified team will help you find the perfect floorplan that not only meets the needs of your family and lifestyle, but one that fits within your time and financial budget. 

How much does it cost to build a house on my land?

As you may know, Madison Homebuilders is an on your lot homebuilder. We build homes on your land in North and South Carolina. If you have land in or near Charlotte, NC or Conover, NC and surrounding North Carolina areas or Greenville, SC or Columbia, SC and surrounding South Carolina areas, we can help build your ideal home on your budget. We can also help arrange a land and home financing package if you are buying property or if you have an outstanding
loan balance on your land.

According to Forbes, the average cost to build a house is about $300,000. The base cost of building a home with Madison Homebuilders ranges from $144,000 – $251,000.

Costs to consider when building a new home include construction loans, down payments, and closing costs. When building with us at Madison Homebuilders, keep in mind our additional financing benefits including no down payments for qualified land owners. Because we build your home on the strength of our Company, you won’t need a costly construction loan. Except for a $175.00 application fee, we don’t get paid until your house build is complete. We also pay standard closing costs on your mortgage loan and pay for the appraisal required to secure your loan commitment, saving you 2.2% of your home cost. If you are worried that your home build will exceed your budget, consider these tips for staying within your budget while building your dream home. 

How long does it take to build a house?

At Madison Homebuilders, we have an average build time of six months; however you can expect the entire process (from contract to closing) to take from 9 – 12 months.

During this time you will get to review our home plans and discuss the home features you want in your new home with one of our experienced building consultants. Plus with our staff of in-house draftsmen, you don’t have the added time and expense of hiring an architect to draw your plans, and there is no added cost to you to modify any of our plans.

How do I start the process of building a custom home?

To get started planning your ideal home, we recommend downloading the free home plan book. This is a great resource to get you thinking about what you want in your new home,  what you can afford, and to explore our home plans and house feature options.

Contact us online or call one of our 4 Sales and Design centers closest to where you plan to build and one of our experienced building consultants will contact you shortly. Our building consultants will help answer any questions you have and help you navigate the home building process; discussing the features that come standard with each build and the custom home features or upgrades you can choose from to fit the needs and desires of your family and lifestyle. We’ll help you through your home build each step of the way, from the idea stage to enjoying your new Madison Homebuilders home.