You’ve probably never put much thought into your closet. It’s just a small space in your bedroom or hallway and if you’re used to living in an older home or apartment, stepping into the closet is only possible when it’s completely empty. But times – and closets – have changed. When you’re having your dream home built to spec, you can choose exactly what you want to make your home perfect. For most homeowners, this means nice, big walk-in closets.

Your custom closet can go beyond simply being a walk-in. You can install shelving, multiple bars to fit more clothing, plush seating, and décor that matches your style to truly make your closet feel like home. Your closet is where you keep your personal style – make it say your name loud and clear. Consider working one of the following five walk-in closet plans in your master bedroom. Remember, you are not locked into using the master closet layout in your new home’s blueprints. The best part of buying a custom house is having the freedom to make it into your dream home.

Make it your Personal Boutique

Bring the eye-catching displays of a boutique into your home. Install eye-level shelves along your closet’s walls to create an appealing place to display your clothing. In the middle of the closet, have a waist-high storage unit where you can store your jewelry and accessories. This can be a simple high table or a full dresser inside your closet – get creative with this piece by adding a decoupage or a string of small lights to make it the room’s focal point.

Boutique style walk-in closet

You’d never leave a boutique without taking a look at yourself in your new duds, right? Then why would you leave your walk-in closet without checking how you look? You wouldn’t. Complete the boutique feel in your master closet by installing a three-way mirror, just like they have in boutique dressing rooms. That way, you’ll be able to check yourself from all angles before you head out.

Create Rooms within the Closet

If you only have one closet for two people, consider using dividers to break the space into his and her sections. These don’t have to be those old, bulky vinyl sliding dividers – use an Asian-inspired silk room divider to designate two distinct closets with style.

Another way to achieve the multi-room feel in your walk-in closet plan without it becoming too closed-off is to install half-walls. These can be used to create subsections in your closet without sacrificing the open, airy feel that walk-in closets are designed to provide. Consider painting your half-walls a contrasting color to make them pop against the rest of the closet. Shelving on your half-walls can be a great place to store shoes and accessories .

Mix and Match Storage Methods

If your closet is only shelving or only rods, it’s going to look bland. Not only that, but you’re sacrificing storage potential by sticking to only one type of storage method. Add cabinets for personal care items and high rods for winter coats and other pieces that need to be stored on hangers. Tastefully mounted hooks can be used to keep light jackets, hoodies, and purses organized.

boutique style walk-in closet

Photo courtesy of jingdianjiaju1

Have a Seat

Putting shoes on is so much easier if you’re sitting down. So is watching your spouse try on a new outfit and giving your opinion. Make your master closet a comfortable place to sit by adding a plush chair or small loveseat. Overstuffed, minimalist, vintage – the choice is up to you. You’ll likely spend more time sitting in your walk-in closet than you anticipate, so don’t neglect this important piece of furniture.

Cue the Waterworks

There’s a strong chance your walk-in closet shares a wall with your master bathroom. Even if it doesn’t, it’s not hard to extend the plumbing system into your closet’s walls. Consider having a small sink in the vanity area of your walk-in closet. Whether you’re washing your makeup off after a long day or you wake up in the middle of the night and need a glass of water, having a sink right in your closet is a convenient upgrade that you might not have thought about before. Just like the three-way mirror, you’ll wonder how you ever did without the sink in your closet.

sink near a closet

Moving into a new home is exciting and if you’re a first-time buyer, it can be a little bit scary. This is a huge step in your life – instead of moving from apartment to apartment, you’re laying the roots of a new home and lifestyle. Embrace this monumental step by making your new house into a home you love through custom upgrades.

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