An extra bedroom or extra bonus room in your home can be helpful for a variety of uses. In the last year of 2020 as working from home became a new normal for many, extra space was even more of a commodity. Having space in your home for a multi-purpose room is crucial when you’re not sure what the future holds. Maybe you have worked from home as long as you can remember or that became a new normal in 2020; either way, living plus working from home can change the way you think about your home and how to use it for the many facets of your life. 

Future Proofing Your Home: Including an Extra Room in a New Home Build

As we all know, the unplanned can happen so it helps to be adjustable; this applies to the space in your home. In the last year, as many individuals were sent to work from home or attend virtual school from home, the adjustment to being at home full-time likely changed how the rooms around your home were used. Adjusting the space in your home to serve new purposes became crucial. Therefore, when thinking about building or buying a home, it is wise to consider having an extra room that you may not have a specific plan for. It’s easier to make this decision now than to wait and adjust later with the expense of an addition in order to meet new family needs. 

What To Do With an Extra Room

There are many use cases for an extra room in a home that help you adjust to your life changes. Below we discuss six common ways to use an extra room that we see our customers do often.

Convert an Extra Room Into a Home Office

After this past year, building a home office may have crossed your mind. Many homeowners adjusted space in their homes to accommodate a work from home setting. However, sometimes adjusting your current space doesn’t make for an ideal home office, such as working near the kids trying to attend virtual classes or being near other noisy home distractions. If you’re buying or building a home, it makes sense to think about having a room that could be dedicated as a home office where you’re able to close the door and have a specific space for your work equipment. 

Use an Extra Room as a Workout Room

While being at home more during the pandemic, many people decided to ditch their gym memberships in exchange for home workout equipment. If working out in private from the convenience of your own home sounds nice, consider an extra room when you build your home that can be used as a workout room. Home gyms offer a lot of niceties that public gyms can’t offer such as removing the commute to a gym, uncleaned or wiped down equipment, or busy gym hours where the gym equipment you’d like to use is being used by others. Having an extra room can offer the flexibility to be used fully or partially as a workout space to allow you to get some exercise and movement in without having to constantly go to a gym. With so many work out classes now online, this convenience feels so much more attainable.

Include an Extra Room to Create a Nursery

If you’re considering building or buying a home, you may be thinking into the future about what your family will look like in several years. If your future family includes children, an extra room for a nursery which then transitions into a kids bedroom is worth considering in your new home build. While you can make home renovations later on, it is economical to consider your future needs during the building process of a new home. 

Convert an Extra Room Into an In-Law Suite

You may be thinking of your family’s future needs multi-generationally including caring for aging parents or in-laws. Building a home with extra space is helpful in the case you need to take care of relatives at your home later on. 

Use an Extra Room as a Playroom or Study/Homework Room

As kids began learning virtually in 2020, an extra room with a door could have been nice for virtual learning and school. While kids are getting back to school, it’s worthwhile to consider building your home with an extra room to use for the kids whether in the future or currently as a study and homework room or a playroom. Playrooms are great as a place for the kids to put their toys and games and be able to exercise their hobbies. 

Create a Multi-Purpose Room

If you know you may have future family needs or want more space in the future, an extra room that can provide many purposes throughout the years may be great to have included in your home build. By building your new home with an extra room on hand, you can avoid having to revisit adding a costly addition later when there may be a quick need for extra space. Having an extra room can then adjust with you as your needs change through time. Take a look at our four bedroom home plans and home plans with an optional bonus room or flex space to have the extra room built into your new home build. 

Home Plans with Extra Space: 4 Bedroom Home Plans

Our 4 Bedroom Home Plans for Your South Carolina or North Carolina Home

At Madison Homebuilders, we have a selection of several four bedroom home plans for your new home in North or South Carolina. Four bedrooms can provide you and your family space to grow into and account for any future changes in your life. Our four bedroom home plans include the following: 

Building a Four Bedroom Home in the Carolinas

At Madison Homebuilders, we can help you achieve the home you’ve always wanted that is perfect for you and your family in NC or SC. We build your home on your land and help you through the homebuilding process and assist with financing. Download our free home plan book or contact us to learn more about building your new four bedroom home.