Have you been dreaming of a new home? If so, you’re not alone.

Statistics show we move on average every seven years of our lives. And for a good reason. It takes about seven years for our lives to change significantly. And at that point, we start looking around at where we live, seeing the faults in our homes and looking for ways to improve them. If you move through your life in seven-year increments, you’ll find changes like:

-Getting married
-Changing jobs
-Starting a family
-Adding more kids
-Wanting better schools
-Needing more space
-And eventually, downsizing

For most of us, we experience the most change before we hit 36 years old. That’s when we typically get married, start families, and advance in our careers. It’s also when we choose to settle down. On average, 66 percent of homebuyers are married couples, while 62 percent of buyers have at least one child under the age of 18 living at home.
5 Signs it's Time to Move Into a New Home

Moving can be a hassle. Significant change isn’t something most of us enjoy.

But what if it allowed you to build a home on the land you’ve recently acquired? What if you could design it to fit with your lifestyle, instead of having to adapt to what already exists?

That’s why many families turn to new home construction. It gives you the chance to design something with your lifestyle in mind.

So, what’s not working with your current home? What frustrates you the most? Are you experiencing any of these?

You’ve outgrown your home
When you first got married, your home was perfect. That two bedroom floor plan seemed like a great idea. It was just the perfect size for two people madly in love.

But as you grow, you begin to add stuff. And when your first child is born, the stuff continued to multiply. Suddenly what seemed like a lot of space turned into nothing but lack of storage. You have boxes piled on boxes. You have spare closets bursting at the seams.

Now add another child to the mix. Suddenly you’re stacking things in more creative ways. And it’s not really working, is it?

That’s when it’s time to consider moving to a home that’s perfect for your family and your lifestyle. That’s when it’s time to consider new construction to allow you to create the perfect home.

How large will your family grow? What are your dreams and aspirations? What school system works for your kids?

Choosing to design your own home means you can design your life in any way you choose. Your site. Your home plan. Your ideas. Your goals.

If you need three bedrooms, it’s doable. If you desire four, you can do that too. Prefer to have your master suite away from your kids’ rooms? There’s a home plan design for you. Want everything on one level? There’s a home design for that too. In fact, you can incorporate all of your frustrations from your current home into a plan that will solve all of your needs. It’s often not the size that matters most but how you position your space.

You’ve outgrown your neighborhood
Sometimes it’s more than your current home that isn’t quite right. Instead, it may be the neighborhood. Your neighborhood seemed so cool when you first moved in. It was filled with other singles and couples that had similar needs and desires.

But now that you have kids, you struggle to make it work. Your kids can’t play on the street; a backyard is a better fit for you.

And the loud noise from the bar down the block keeps you and your kids up all hours of the night. Something’s got to go.

Charm is often determined by where we are in life. A single bachelor doesn’t have the same needs and desires as a newly married couple. Or as a father providing for his three young children.

Why stay in a location if it’s not meeting your needs? Why not find a neighborhood that suits you to a “T”?

Your family is changing
Maybe you’ve recently added a new child to your family. Congratulations!

You’ve already discovered how different your life is now that you have a little one in your life.

But as a young family, the changes have only begun. Will you give your child a sister or a brother in a few years? Maybe two or three? It’s not really feasible to cram them all into one room. They deserve a little privacy themselves, if it’s available.

And toddlers grow quickly, changing into rambunctious kids, who eventually turn into teenagers who really want their privacy. How are you planning for them? Because changes happen fast, it’s important to keep that in mind as you design your plan for your new home construction.

New construction allows you to adjust for the future by taking it all into account today. Select the appropriate number of bedrooms to ensure you have room for everyone. Design the perfect bathroom so your teenagers won’t fight. (Well, that might not be possible. But at least your bathroom plan will be well thought out.)

You’re ready for something new
Let’s face it, we all like some change. And that tiny retro kitchen you fell in love with years ago has now moved from best decision ever to the lingering question of “what can I replace this with?”

You’re tired of the style you have now and are ready for something shiny and new.

That’s where new home construction can be so much fun. Everything is new, from top to bottom. Everything is in place because you designed it that way. If you want stainless steel in the kitchen, make your choices known. You can design your custom home any way you choose.

You spend more time in the car than at home
You got a great new job. Hurray! Unfortunately, it means being in your car almost as much as you are at work. (At least it seems that way.) Why not take the excitement of a new position and give yourself the gift of being closer to your job? Think about all the money you’ll save on gas and swapping out your car after just a few years.

People select their home locations for a variety of reasons. Closer to a job. Closer to great schools. Closer to family.

Whatever your reason, with new home construction, you can build it wherever you choose. Your lot. Your site. Your location. Which means dreams do come true wherever you choose them. Then it’s up to you to add the little touches that will make your house feel like your home.

Whatever your personality, whatever your style, it all begins with a dream.

Can we help you dream big?