Imagine, for a moment, your perfect home. Where would it be?

Do you prefer the hustle and bustle of urban life? To always have something going on steps from your front door?

Or do you like the quiet lifestyle that rural living is known for?

A study by the Brookings Institute shows there is renewed interest in suburban living thanks to the recovery in both the economy and the housing market. As families change and millennials start looking for a place to call home, they’re putting their focus on places that give them the freedom to live how they truly desire. And increasingly, they are looking outside the city limits.
Looking Down Driveway With Picket Fence in Front And Trees Hiding the House - Madison Homebuilders
Does that sound like your dream?

Maybe it’s time to move a step further in making it your reality.

Rural living has a lot to offer.

It’s a Quieter, More Relaxed Lifestyle

If you’ve ever driven out of the city limits and found yourself sighing a big “ahhh” in relief, there’s a reason for that. Big cities are loud. There’s always action. The lights are always on.

If your neighbors are an arm’s length away, you’re used to the emergency sirens zipping by all hours of the day and the never-ending noise of traffic off in the distance.

You’re also used to the smells that come with living next to your neighbors. You can tell what they had for dinner. You learn to adjust, but there’s always a part of you that wishes for something else.

And that comes when you have room to spread. In a rural environment, you have more space. And with new construction, you can have the home you’ve dreamed of.

Depending on the land you own, you may be nestled in the trees, have a river, pond, or lake close by, or embrace a view that stretches for miles. No people, or traffic, or loud noises anywhere to be found.

It’s a bit slower in the country and that’s just the way you like it.

It Gives You the Potential to Raise Animals & Grow Food

When you have more space, you also have more potential. Have you ever thought about growing some of your own food?

Depending on what your family prefers, you can grow rows of just about any vegetable you desire. And if you’re thinking for the long term, you can even plant a variety of fruit-bearing trees. Nothing says summertime like picking your own fresh fruit.

There’s also been a sharp rise in the number of families that raise their own chickens. While it is possible in an urban environment, there’s even more potential in rural living.

They can provide you with fresh eggs every morning; no more buying them from the supermarket. They can provide a food source; at the end of their productive life, they become a source of protein-rich meat. They are natural insect controllers; they eat bugs such as grasshoppers and snails. They also produce a rich, natural fertilizer that you can take out into your garden.

You might also step outside your urban comfort zone and add goats, pigs, and maybe even horses to your property.

You’ll Feel a Sense of Community

If you’ve ever lived on top of your neighbors in the city, you know how easy it was to be close and yet have no idea who they were. It comes with city living; we learn to put on blinders and ignore all that’s going on.

In a rural setting, you instantly move into a family. With fewer people, the community tends to know who everyone is and that means you’ll soon walk down the street and know people by name.

This immediately boosts your social life. It instantly gives you access to friends and that can be a very good thing when you’re celebrating your high points in life or need someone to lend a helping hand.

It Increases Access to Healthier Lifestyle

When city folks think about rural life, they tend to think it’s more difficult to stay active. After all, there may not be a gym for miles. But who needs a gym when there’s so much to do.

That garden you planted needs weeding and watering. Fresh food automatically leads to a more active lifestyle.

And because you’re in the country, there aren’t as many fast food options nearby. That means you’ll be cooking your own food a lot more.

Rural living also means there are rivers to fish in, parks to discover, and nature areas to explore with the kids. Your kids may have spent a lot time indoors when you lived in the city, but you’ll likely find they’re more willing to head out to play with friends and climb a tree now.

As you get to know your neighbors, you’re also more likely to find clubs that keep you active as well. How about a cycling club that hits the back roads every weekend? Or a running club that takes you through your favorites trails? Just because there isn’t a gym nearby doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of ways to stay active.

You’ll Feel Your Stress Melt Away

Every street you take as you drive outside of the city, more cars turn away. Eventually, it’s just you driving to your home out in the country. That means less pollution and less road rage. Just you and the open air. And when you see a passing car, chances are you’ll know the person inside and you’ll smile and wave as you pass by.

Do you feel your stress levels coming down already?

Traffic takes its toll on our health. According recent data, the average person spends about 52 minutes commuting to and from work each day. And it’s a lot more than stress that adds up. Blood sugar rises. Cholesterol inches up. Depression risks rise. Anxiety increases. And your happiness and life satisfaction levels decrease.

Makes you want to run away from the city, doesn’t it?

Maybe you should.

Take another look at building a house in the country. New construction can be the perfect way to build exactly what you want on the land you’ve come to love. We’ll show you how and be with you every step of the way.

You’re going to love your new home.