Are you ready to move into the home of your dreams?

Not quite sure how to make that happen? We’re here to help.

As local homebuilders, we understand what people want in our community. We understand your needs and desires; we live here too and we expect it in our own homes.5 Questions You Don't Know to Ask Local Homebuilders

But we’re also experts in the home building process. We’ve built enough homes from the ground up to know what’s important and what’s not. We deal with different challenges every single day.

And in many cases, this may be your one shot to get it right. Sure, you may do a little sleuthing online to find out what’s important for selecting the right company. We know there are many choices when selecting a local homebuilder.

While many companies focus in on the standard questions you should ask, we like to stretch a little beyond and get to the things you don’t know to ask. Here are a few things we’d like you to think about before you sign on the dotted line.

What’s the best way for me to stay on budget with my build?

Most homebuilders won’t have any trouble helping you spend money. But how many of them will help you stick with your budget?

Too many companies focus on one number: the contracted price. In reality, there are a lot of numbers that go into that bottom line. The largest piece of any new home project is the construction costs. But there many other items that make up the final price.

  • Land cost
  • Legal fees
  • Moving expenses
  • Decorating costs
  • Landscaping
  • Financing costs

And then there are those pesky closing costs. Those can add thousands of dollars.

Yet companies know that by the time you reach closing, you’re already vested in the process. You want your new home. So of course, you’ll find a way to come up with the extra cash—and maybe blow your budget right out of the water.

If you want to talk budget, let’s chat. Just look at some of the ways we help our buyers save.

How can I minimize changes during the process?

A recent study showed that almost half of Americans had buyer’s remorse when it came to the selection of their homes. Wishing they had erred on the side of more space is their biggest complaint.

And we understand how that can happen.

Have you ever walked into a community with a selection of model homes? You have two, three, maybe four homes to tour, each with things you like and don’t like about the house. You like this bedroom, but that kitchen.

There’s got to be a better way. And there is.

What if instead of selecting from two or three floor plans, you had dozens to choose from?

More choices in floor plans mean more likelihood of you finding your dream home. If you want three bedrooms, isn’t it better to have dozens to look at to get your ideal placement?

What’s better, we can help walk you through the entire process. We ask the right questions and know which floor plan will best meet your needs. Then we can tweak from there.

What does green mean and how will it be incorporated into my home?

Green is a buzzword in the industry that many local homebuilders like to throw around. But what does it mean?

Green means sustainability. Green means energy efficient. And while those are great words to use for marketing, what they mean to you is more efficiency in the way your home runs. You’ll benefit by having a home that runs better and costs less to operate, every single month of the year.

We don’t hide behind what we choose to include as green technology in our builds. We show you right on our website. And if you want even more ways to save, we’re happy to help you make your selections.

How can I avoid buyer’s remorse after the process is finished?

One of the easiest ways to avoid negative feelings from the moment you move into your new home is to be involved in the process. Negative feelings often come with quick decisions. But when you take the time to thoroughly weigh your options and consider the best route for you and your family, you’ll feel better about your final choices.

We’re not saying weigh every single decision for weeks on end. There’s a fine line between keeping the ball rolling and being comfortable with the outcome. We can help you along the way.

Having an expert at your disposal means you can draw on our experience to ensure you make the right choice for the right reasons. With over 1,000 houses under our belt, we can share ideas and simple modifications to our floor plans made by other customers that might just suit your need as well.  

That’s how you move on and enjoy.

Can I really afford to build my own home?

Have you ever said to yourself: I could never afford to build my own home. Don’t worry; a lot of our customers have said that before they spoke with us. And we get it.

Buiding your own home seems like something reserved for people building only the highest-end homes. But that isn’t the case when you use us as your local homebuilder.

We offer many different programs to make building your own home not only affordable, but also an easy process.

Take our No Down Payment Required program. For qualified land owners, there is no down payment. That means no money out of pocket (except a $175 application fee) until your home is built.

Or how about our We Pay Your Standard Closing Cost offer. This is the last thing you need to blow your budget on hours before moving in. So we pay standard closing costs up to 2 percent of the cost of your home.

While we are talking about savings, when you build with Madison we cover all the upfront construction costs associated with building your new home.  You won’t need to arrange and pay for a construction loan to cover the expense of your build. Madison builds your home using our money so you’ll save thousands in construction loan interest and upfront fees.

And lastly, we’re especially proud of the fact we offer Special Savings For Local Heros. If you’re a firefighter, teacher, healthcare professional, law enforcement officer, or a member of the military, active or retired, we have special benefits just for you.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? What if you could be in your own home, one that you select and build with your dreams and goals in mind, just months from today?

You can. We’ll help show you the way.