The city of Greenville, South Carolina is expanding at a rapid rate. New residents flock to the city by the thousands each year, drawn by low unemployment rates, countless outdoor activities, and a fair housing market. Although still much smaller than other South Carolina cities like Columbia and Charleston, Greenville offers all the charms found in these cities: a thriving economy, excellent shopping, and plenty of weekend fun.

While you may find plenty of entertainment in the city, you won’t find many affordable places to build a new home. Instead of moving into a townhouse or a prefabricated home on a tiny lot in the city center, try looking outside Greenville to find the best places to build.

Five Forks:

Population: 14,306

Median Household Income: $106,013

Unemployment Rate: 4.1%

Five Forks boasts a very high median household income with a low median home cost of only $122,400. Residents appreciate the low cost of living (6.8% lower than the national average) and the thriving economy that Five Forks provides.

With an uncanny home value appreciation rate, building a custom home in Five Forks may mean extra cash in your pocket later (if you sell you dream home, that is). Homes located in this Greenville suburb appreciate in value at a rate of about 3% each year. While this may not seem like a large amount, the money adds up to a significant chunk over a ten to fifteen year period.

From fast food to fine dining, residents of Five Forks have a variety restaurant options available. The dining scene in Five Forks is one of the best in all of Greenville County. Whether you are craving sushi, Italian, or old-fashioned Southern cooking, you will find dozens of dining options for every palate in Five Forks.

With Greenville located right at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains, fans of the great outdoors spend their weekends exploring nearby state parks and lakes. Bikers and hikers can be found navigating the eighteen-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail, a former railroad repurposed for community use. Boating, swimming, and canoeing are also popular activities at the local state parks.

Notably, Greenville-area residents love Paris Mountain State Park. This scenic park contains over 1500 acres of beautiful natural landscape. Outdoor enthusiasts utilize 14 miles of hiking and biking trails, and three lakes on the property attract visitors looking to fish, swim, or boat. Park visitors end their fun-filled days at the park’s top-notch campgrounds, or for a more comfortable stay, bunk at one of the ten cabins available for rental.


Population: 27,167

Median Household Income: $40,385

Unemployment Rate: 5.0%

Located northeast of downtown Greenville, Greer boasts a low unemployment rate thanks to the only BMW manufacturing facility in North America. The BMW facility and their contracted suppliers provide jobs for over 12,000 people in the area.

In addition to jobs, the automotive company attracts thrill-seeking fans with the BMW Performance Driving School. Experienced instructors teach drivers the skills to handling the high-performance cars on their state-of-the-art racetrack.

If staying active is important, Greer has many fitness programs available to both youths and adults. The town has a total of 16 recreational parks and facilities, providing plenty of athletic activities for Greer citizens. Join a summer sports league to stay active and meet new people, or sign up for a membership at the local gyms to get back in shape on your own time.

With three lakes (Lake Robinson, Apalache Lake, and Lake Cunningham) and the South Tyger River running through the Greer area, there are plenty of waterfront lots in Greer to build a custom home with a gorgeous view. Water sports abound during the warmer months in Greer, though fishing stays active year-round.

Greer offers its residents an abundance of educational and cultural activities. Festivals and concerts liven up the downtown area during summer months. Art classes at the local studio allow residents to learn something new or hone their artistic talents. If you consider yourself a “foodie”, check out some of the local popular dining establishments, such as Southern Thymes, Rivera’s and the Great Bay Oyster House.

No matter where your hobbies and interests lie, the town of Greer provides activities for everyone regardless of age or season.


Population: 24,525

Median Household Income: $52,042

Unemployment Rate: 3.7%

Mauldin is a great place for custom homebuilders due to the town’s high median household income and low unemployment rate. New residents find beautiful land to build their dream home in an area packed with family-friendly activities, great restaurants, abundant arts, and cultural activities.

Neighboring Mauldin is Lake Conestee Nature Park, a state park that has over 400 acres of wetlands, forests, and beautiful wilderness. Hiking trails allow visitors to enjoy the teeming array of wildlife while getting a little exercise. Schools plan yearly trips for children to get a closer look at nature and learn about their surrounding environment. The nature park serves as an outdoor educational workshop for school children and college students, offering year-round environmental and archeological research opportunities.

The Mauldin Cultural Center hosts concerts, theater performances, classes, and festivals. Originally built in 1937 as a public school, the town repurposed the building as a community arts center in 2004. Almost 30,000 people visit the cultural center for over 1,000 different events that take place annually.

Many of Mauldin’s residents get fit at the Mauldin Sports Center. Housing the town’s recreation department, the sports center features a full-service gym with a 30-foot rock-climbing wall. In addition to the gym area, the sports center offers instructor-led classes like yoga and Pilates to members.

Potential homebuilders appreciate the endless activities and beautiful landscape found in Mauldin. And with an average housing cost of only $131,400 Mauldin is an affordable and attractive choice for people considering relocating to the Greenville area.


Population: 19,615

Median Household Income: $49,970

Unemployment Rate: 6.4%

Both Simpsonville and Mauldin are part of the “Golden Strip”, an economically prosperous area in Greenville County. These towns have a consistently low unemployment rate because of a diversity of industries that reside in the area. New homebuilders also appreciate low housing prices (an average of $141,060) and a lower cost of living than the national average in Simpsonville.

Find limitless entertainment at Simpsonville’s Charter Spectrum Amphitheater a recently renovated arena that holds notable concerts from music icons including the Black Keys, B.B. King, and Bob Dylan. The outdoor amphitheater is located inside Heritage Park, a popular area for recreational sports, picnics, and other outdoor activities.

If you are looking for more culturally refined entertainment, visit the Peace Center for the Performing Arts. The center hosts a wide array of musical shows, ballet performances, and touring Broadway plays.

Simpsonville gives new residents a thriving economy with low housing costs while the endless entertainment options provide weekend and summer activities.

Greenville possesses one of the top housing markets in the nation and is consistently recognized as one of the best areas to live due to its moderate climate, low cost of living and the wide variety of amenities. While building a custom home in the city may be difficult and cost-prohibitive, these popular towns surrounding Greenville make ideal spots in which build your new home.

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