Three Kitchen Cabinet Styles 

Kitchens are typically the center of entertainment and quality time in a home. It’s where guests gather as food is prepared and family spends time over a meal before or after work and school. You most likely have an idea of the look of your dream kitchen, whether that’s a more traditional look, farm style kitchen, or modern kitchen. Maybe you love the aesthetic of a crisp white kitchen adorned with white cabinets and countertops. You may love the depth of natural wooden cabinetry paired with a granite countertop pattern  of variating natural hues. Perhaps, you favor a stark contrast between the colors of the kitchen cabinet finish and the countertops. Maybe even a  coordinated approach with painted kitchen cabinets and a countertop that compliments other colors into the room. 

While there are a variety of kitchen style terms you may see as you look at ideas, kitchen styles tend to center around the cabinets. Below we’ll discuss your kitchen choices at Madison Homebuilders through the three main kitchen cabinet looks; wood (stained)  kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, or a painted cabinet look. Whichever kitchen style you prefer, Madison Homebuilders will work with you to make your kitchen vision a reality in your new home. 

Wood Stained Kitchen Cabinets

The stain or grain of a cabinet wood is typically at play in craftsman style kitchens, contemporary kitchens or farmhouse kitchens. You may want a dark wood cabinet or a light wood cabinet finish. With a selection of cabinet stains to choose from as deep and rich as double espresso and as light as birch wood, Madison Homebuilders can work with you to achieve the wooden cabinet accents you would like in your kitchen along with options for hardware and granite or quartz countertops. If you want to learn more about the differences between granite and quartz, read more to help you decide which suits you and your lifestyle best. 

White Cabinet Kitchen

If you love the crisp and spotless look of white cabinetry, we’ve got you covered. With options of white cabinet enamel finishes and various countertop choices you can achieve the contrast of a black and white kitchen, white cabinets paired with a granite with color variations to add depth and character, or white cabinets with a white quartz countertop for a truly bright white kitchen. We offer several options for white enamel paint finishes on birch or maple cabinetry and various granite and quartz tones to help you achieve your dream kitchen with the white accents you’ve always wanted. 

Jefferson Kitchen

Painted Kitchen Cabinets

Maybe neither white cabinets or a wooden cabinet look suits you and you want the look of painted kitchen cabinets such as sage cabinets or grey cabinets to bring some accent color into the cooking area. Popular looks we’ve seen include grey cabinets with light granite countertops for a coastal kitchen feel or dark blue cabinets with a caramel color countertop for a craftsman kitchen style. Madison Homebuilders has many options of enamel and glaze cabinet finishes including white to grey hues, slate options, and navy and dark cabinet colors so you can achieve the painted kitchen cabinet look you’re after. 

Learn More About Your Kitchen Options at Madison Homebuilders

While we’ve focused on three main looks for your kitchen by cabinet colors, kitchen styles can vary widely with each of these cabinet choices depending on the accents you choose. Contact us to learn more about Madison Homebuilders kitchen details such as cabinetry, hardware, and countertop options. Whichever kitchen type you prefer, Madison Homebuilders has kitchen choices to suit your style for your new home in NC or SC.